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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Oh no! Christmas is right around the corner and you still have a few gifts to get! That could be an issue, or you could gift something really sweet, a memory! 

I love my job, and photography in general, because it captures memories, moments in time. Many of these moments you’ll never get back again. 

There are many ways to gift photography so here are a few ideas: 

Photo in a Frame 

Always a good choice, choosing a specific memory that you cherish with the recipient of the gift and putting it in a cute frame is a great way to show someone you care. 

A Scrapbook

This obviously takes a lot more work but it shows a lot of effort, and if you don’t want to get all decorative you can always put photos in an album! 

Photos and Souvenirs in a Shadow Box 

This is a great option when you have a few photos, movie tickets, or seashells from some special memories. It shows effort and that love was put into it!

Photo Coasters 

I just started working on some and I want to make them for everyone. They are super cute and only require a few things, tiles, photos, cork, hot glue, and mod podge! Making a set shows someone you care and they’re useful! 

This is the almost final result of a photo coaster I made for a gift; and I’m already in love with it!

Gift Certificate for a Photo Session

Of course giving someone a professional photographer to capture a family portrait, a maternity shoot, or even engagement photo session is a great way to show some love.

I hope these ideas helped; and I wish you all a happy holiday season! 

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