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Meet Casey Gibson of the Crowning Moment Podcast

I had the honor to meet Casey virtually, a few years ago. She is a powerhouse in the pageant

Casey Gibson, of the crowning moment podcast. Wearing a pink cape coat, and black feather top. Photo by pageant photographer, K. Garcia Productions.
Photograph by K. Garcia Productions

industry; with her podcast and the many titles she's held. Casey is crushing it. I had a few questions to ask her and wanted to share her answers with all of you.

How long have you been involved with pageantry, and how did you get started?

I have been involved for the past 19 years, and my mom introduced me to pageantry because she never wanted me to be afraid of speaking to adults or being scared to perform in front of large audiences!

How and why did you start the Crowning Moment Podcast?

As someone who has experienced many losses in pageantry and placing 1st runner-up 3 times in a row. I was eager to understand why others we were able to not lose touch with themselves and persevere to continue on the journey of pageantry.

What has been your biggest accomplishment for the Crowning Moment Podcast so far?

My goal was to learn from the biggest names in pageantry and share their stories to my listeners all over the world. I was able to interview Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe, and Miss Teen USA all in one year!

What is your biggest goal with the Crowning Moment Podcast?

To one day host my own Pageantry Awards Ceremony, recognizing people in the industry all over the world.

Photograph by K. Garcia Productions

What are your hopes for the future of the pageant industry?

For people all over the world to truly see pageant queens and titleholders as Brand Ambassadors, Business Women, and Professionals growing the industry for Good.

What do you think is vital for the pageant industry to grow?

Trustworthy people, and transparency, this year we have been letting lots of people come into power all over the world in pageantry and using that power for their own profit and not the profit of the system or its contestants.

How do you see your personal future in the pageant industry?

I was able to network early on in my career of pageantry, and now I am working alongside Pageant Vision (TV) and I will continue being a part of the pageant world on an even larger scale through analyzing and commentating pageantry (similar to Football College Game-day)

Why do you think pageantry is important?

At a young age, I was able to see the impact I was leaving on the communities around me. I have used my voice for the greater good of the industry and created Crowning Moment Podcast to reach larger scales of 75+ countries worldwide weekly. I believe pageantry gives anyone and everyone the opportunities to be seen, heard, and felt all over the world.

Casey has a lot to teach the pageant industry, be sure to follow her on Instagram, @CrowningMomentPodcast.


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