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10 Minute Photo Shoot

My photo sessions usually last between 45 minutes to an hour to make sure I get the perfect images for my clients to save their memories forever. However, I challenged myself to do a full photo shoot in only 10 minutes. With the help of my model Lyndsey Littlefield, videographer Matt Witzgall to capture it all, and one of my favorite musicians Toska to provide music, I put together this 10 minute photo shoot challenge.

We moved all around downtown New Bedford to capture as many shots as possible, and we were very pleased with the photos we captured. Lyndsey was a great sport, not only did she literally run from location to location to get there in the least amount of time, but she also planked, climbed, jumped, and ran in many of the photos; making an amazing fitness shoot! Check out a few of the shots below.

Lyndsey Littlefield K. Garcia Productions

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