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5 Tips to Get the Most of Your Headshot Session

Your headshot is the first time the judges see you! Of course, you want to make the best first

impression. If you're investing money into your headshot you want to get the most out of your headshot session. Here are five tips to get the most out of your headshot session!

Read the rules. I feel like this sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised. Know the rules for the headshot so you can pass them on to your photographer. Do you need a white backdrop? Is the photo a 5x7 crop? You have to know this information so your photo complies with the rules of the pageant. Something to note is, just because you competed in this system last year doesn’t mean they didn’t change the rules this year.

*If you need a release signed by your photographer, bring it to the photoshoot!

Hair and makeup. You want to look on point, if you really know how to do hair and makeup, awesome, but if you don’t, really consider hiring a professional. What is the point of going to a professional for your photo if your hair and makeup aren’t of the same caliber of professionalism?

Try on the outfits before the shoot. Make sure the outfit looks good on you and still fits, but remember it is a headshot, so it can be clipped in the back if it is too loose.

Colors! Be mindful of the color of the outfit you’re picking! For example, if you’re required to have a white backdrop, wearing white might blend in a lot! If you’re only doing one look for your photo session, choose a color that people tell you you look good in!

Have fun! If you’re stressed during the session, it will show. If you need to bring a friend along to make the experience fun, do it! I typically play music in my studio, but if your photographer isn't ask them to!

Your headshot session should be a wonderful experience! Good luck with your pageant journey!


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