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20 Talent Ideas For Your Next Pageant

Dance, vocal, playing an instrument, these are the typical ideas that come to mind for talents in a pageant, but not the only performances you can do.

  1. Performing a monologue: This could be something original or from a movie or on-stage production that you love!

  2. Reciting an original poem: Sharing something original gives judges more information about you, it's a great opportunity to connect with the judges and the audience.

  3. Speed painting: This is honestly one of my favorites! The presentation is what makes all the difference, you don't just want to paint fast, but really engage with the crowd.

  4. Gymnastics routine: This is so entertaining, make sure you know if you need to provide a mat or not if you need one!

  5. Cultural dance: a dance from your culture is an amazing way to share more about you to the judges.

  6. Trade skill (like styling hair in 90 seconds): Sharing a skill is so entertaining, let the judges know what you can do!

  7. Ventriloquism or puppetry: Not super uncommon, but not on every pageant stage. If you are talented with puppetry or ventriloquism this is a great chance to show it off.

  8. Cheerleading routine: 90 seconds isn't that much less than the usual 2 minutes and 30 seconds from a cheer routine. Put together a cheer or maybe a short dance, show off your jumps and if you have any tumble skills that too!

  9. Magic show: Amaze the judges with some magic, it's all about the presentation so have fun and make some magic.

  10. Karate or other martial arts demonstration: show off your martial arts skill, maybe even break a board, I know that's always fun to see on a pageant stage.

  11. Baton twirling: Baton twirling is often what's thought about as a pageant talent but I personally don't see it often on a pageant stage, and it's one of my favorite talents to watch.

  12. Rollerskating routine: Pick some fun music and put together a routine, like one would do an ice skating routine! I have yet to have seen this on a pageant stage, and would love to!

  13. Other demonstration like CPR or a science experiment: I have seen this quite a few times, and it's so great to learn about a contestant's talents in an entertaining way.

  14. Juggling: make sure you do it well before you do it on stage, but it is quite impressive when you can do it!

  15. A unique hula hoop routine: this talent is one of the most entertaining to watch, it works well with multiple hula hoops, some great music, and a lot of practice!

  16. Show off athletic tricks (like juggling a soccer ball)

  17. Riding a unicycle: Quite a cool talent, if you know how to ride a unicycle this is the time to show it off!

  18. Aerial silk acrobatics: I have only seen this once, but it was quite impressive!

  19. Skateboarding routine: This is pretty rad, and quite impressive, show off your skateboarding skills if you've got them!

  20. Comedy: A standup routine can be great, but make sure it's appropriate, and not just a bunch of jokes you read online. Make it original, make it about you and your experiences,


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