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Battle of the Cupcakes

Last night, the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce put on an exciting event, the Battle of the Cupcakes. Bakeries from all over Bristol County got together and competed for the best cupcake at White's of Westport! K. Garcia Productions was there to photograph it all!

One of my favorite bakeries there was Duke's Bakery which is located in Fall River. This cupcake was not only delicious but sugar free and gluten free

topped with a coffee bean. Just about every treat at White's last night was amazing and another favorite of mine was this Oreo cupcake from the Fall River Country Club.

It wasn't just bakeries at the Battle of the Cupcakes, local businesses as well. Sirene + Belle was a

local business and they had so many adorable creations of their own, including the Massachusetts signs, and beautiful trays.

Wicked Kickin' Cheese Cakes was there as well and they brought some delicious cheese cakes to try. My favorite had to be the "New Bedford Cheese Cake." They are great to bring to parties and I think would taste great on crackers and chips!

All of the pastry chefs did an amazing job, but of course there had to be a winner, and that went to Confections and they won this adorable cupcake trophy.

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