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Miss South Coast 2017's Farewell

Hello! It's me Lyndsey Littlefield, Miss South Coast 2017! I am so honored to be writing this guest blog post for K. Garcia Productions. Last night marked my final night of wearing the crown of Miss South Coast. Ten beautifully talented ladies participated in several phases of competition to have the opportunity to step into my shoes. No pressure of course, right?

Through the pageant, I reflected on my time competing one year ago. I remember feeling so nervous to speak on stage, and practically shaking in my private interview. Now, to be on the other side of the pageant world, it almost is ironic, and bittersweet. You walk in, 365 days ago, so nervous. However, you walk out holding the skills you've gained as a confident, fierce, women. I am so excited to have had this opperatunity to grow and thrive. To be able to pass on this title is truly a mix of emotions. It is time for me to open this door for another young woman, to enjoy what truly this organization has to offer. To the four amazing beautiful women who were crowned last night, congratulations. Megan Sylvia, Miss South Coast 2018, Alyssa Maitoza Miss Bristol County 2018, Kimberly Lim Souza, Miss Fall River 2018, and Emma Guillotte Miss Bristol County Outstanding Teen 2018. You ladies are in for a ride of a lifetime. (Also, always let Kelsey fix your hair or makeup when it is crazy, and photograph you when it isn't. She will truly be your best friend in this adventure. Thank you, Kelsey, for our impromptu photo sessions, coffee dates, and many late night phone calls!) As for me, as I travel through more of the Miss America Organization, I am looking forward to closing this chapter and beginning a new one.


Lyndsey Kate Littlefield

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