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Social Media Post Ideas

Having a title is quite an experience. Sharing that experience on social media is important to grow the organization, and attract new contestants and new sponsors. Here are some ideas for your social media posts!

1. Promote your state or city

What makes your state or city special? You could highlight this with video or photo content! This could be a series where you show off local landmarks, even businesses.

2. Talk about your platform

While you have this title you have a larger voice. Promote what really matters to you. Show the world what you're doing to make your community a better place.

3. Share your appearances and volunteer work

This one is kinda obvious, but sometimes you're living so much in the moment that you might forget to take photos and videos for social media content. These images show your community what it is your doing, what the organization you're representing is all about, and show future contestants what they could be doing.

4. Promote your sponsors

Sponsorships are so important for an organization to grow. Regular promotion of sponsors is great to keep your current sponsors, but also to attract new ones.

5. Show some competition prep

People don't often see the behind-the-scenes of pageantry, so show them. It takes work to win a title, let the world know that.

6. Show off the fun moments with your pageant sisters

The sisterhood in pageantry is real! You really do make some of the most amazing friends. So many people don't realize how amazing the friendships you build are, let them know!

7. Promote the pageant week

The week you're competing at your pageant is so much fun. Showing off this pageant week is helpful to grow the organization, and let future competitors know what it's about.



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