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17 Memories From 2017

1. Graduating From UMass Dartmouth

Still can’t believe this happened and I had some of my best friends by my side. 

2. Publishing SouthCoast Style

3. Going Back To UMass Dartmouth to Judge High School DECA Presentations

4. Presenting a SoLoMo Marketing Plan in Anaheim With UMass Dartmouth DECA

We worked so hard on a full marketing plan for a non-profit in our community and presented it to judges to compete against teams from all over the world, and we placed in the top 10!!

5. Seeing All The Local Support For SouthCoast Style

6. Photographing and Meeting Sabrina Carpenter

7. Meeting and Filming an Interview With Twenty-One Pilots 

8. Seeing My Photos for a Clothing Brand in New York

To open a website and be greeted by my photography almost made me cry. 

9. Traveling to Europe

I got to take so many amazing photos around Portugal and Italy, experience different cultures, and see things I may never see again. 

10. Touring the Joseph Abboud Factory

11. Meeting and Filming an Interview With Little Mix

12. Teaching a Class at the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce on Social Media Marketing

13. This Fabulous Photoshoot with Nicolette (Miss Rhode Island)

Nicolette is beautiful and really smart! Her modeling was amazing and this photo session was one of my favorites not only from this year but from every photo session I’ve ever done! 

14. And This Amazing Shoot With Eliza (Miss Connecticut)

Eliza was an absolute sweetheart and the whole photo session was amazing!! 

15. Going to Las Vegas for SEMA

16. Photoshoot with Miss USA Ambassador Teen

17. Biggest Highlight of the Year is My Photoshoot with Lyndsey 

From making these angel wings to doing a shoot with one of my friends, there’s nothing that compares to this shoot. I love of so much and I cannot forget it in 2017 highlights. 

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