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We Planned a Wedding in a Month!

K. Garcia Productions planned a wedding in about a month... well a wedding photoshoot, but we got the most amazing wedding vendors together and it was BEAUTIFUL!

K Garcia Productions wedding Photography bridesmaid

Bittersweet Farm by Lafrance Hospitality was our venue, in Westport, MA; and it had an amazing rustic farm look. The suits for all the men (groom, groomsmen, and Justice of the Peace) were provided by Slade Formal Wear in Fall River, MA. They actually fitted the men the day before the shoot. The gowns were provided by Party Dress Express in Fall River, MA, and all of the lady looked like queens in them. Their look wouldn't be complete without Famosa Hair Salon doing their hair and Jasmine Pedder from Crew Cuts doing their makeup!

Jasmine Pedder from Crew Cuts doing makeup

The entire process was obviously very stressful but the images that came out of it don't compare to any I've taken in quite some time. I mean we had a cake, from Wingate's Cakes, hanging from the ceiling!

K Garcia Productions Wedding Photographer Wingate's Cakes Bride and groom

What really helped the look come together was Gatherings Wedding Design & Speciality Linens. They designed the space, which took quite some time! And the beautiful flowers on the sweetheart table and the bride's bouquet was put together by Homegrowns. Named because Cady, the owner, actually grows her flowers!

Wedding Photographer K Garcia Productions at Bittersweet farm

This entire photoshoot was so rewarding and every vendor does such great work that it came out so beautifully! Not only was this put together in a little under a month, but no one actually met up and this was all done through a group chat, and it all looked so perfect together! If you just have to have some of this for your wedding check out the list below, followed by more photos!

List of Vendors:

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